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2nd Star To The Right -Training / Boarding Services

Jennifer provides the following board and training services at Southern Breeze Equestrian Center in Imperial Beach, CA. We offer access to a full sized jumping area, 20x40 dressage court, a few cross country fences (Beginner Novice and Novice ditches and banks), several turn outs, smaller fenced in arena, and miles of trails that lead all the way to the beach.

2nd Star to the Right     

The lesson programs provided are designed to teach the student all aspects of horsemanship. Lessons can be taught either English or Western, based on the desires of the student. Payment is due at the beginning of each month, unless other accommodations are made. Lessons should also be scheduled at that time. Our cancellation policy is twenty-four hour notice in order to be able to reschedule your lesson; otherwise your lesson is forfeited and payment is still due. All riders are to wear helmets and appropriate footwear, which includes closed toed shoes. Helmets are always available to borrow.


Riding School packages – horses provided

Individual lessons         $40.00 for a 40-minute                                            private lesson

                                     $30.00 for an hour group

8 Lessons per month   $290.00 Private

                                     $260.00 Group

12 lessons per month   $375.00 – Private

                                     $325.00 – group

Lesson Packages – Owned or leased horses

Individual lessons         $30.00 for a 35-minute
                                     private lesson

                                      $25.00 for an hour group

8 Lessons per month     $200.00 – Private

                                      $177.50 – 4 private, 4 group

                                      $165.00- group

12 Lessons per month  $265.00 – private

                                      $250.00 – 6 private, 6 group

                                      $230.00 – group

Full training                 $350.00

This can include any combination of lessons, schooling of horse, lunging, and turnouts to equate to 5 sessions a week.

Partial training             $250.00

Same as above, but 3 sessions a week.

Lease options- Leases are on an availability schedule depending on the needs of the student.  Leases do not include stall cleaning, grain (if necessary), and shoeing costs. Lease option does include all routine vet care.

Half Lease (3 days a week)    starting at $100.00*

Full Lease (6 days a week)     starting at $190.00*

*This cost is based on the leaser cleaning.

Additional Services

Hay                                $130.00

This is for 8-12 lbs of feed twice daily.  It can include any combination of Alfalfa, Bermuda, or 3-way hay

Extra Hay                      $200.00

Same as above but 2- 3 flakes per feeding.

Lunch                           $60.00/month

Blanketing                    $40.00/month

Blanketing and unblanketing service daily.

Mane pulling                $15.00

Clipping                       $15.00

Face, bridle path, and legs

Bathing                         $15.00


Holding (for vet or farrier) $5.00

Exercise                        $60.00/month

Turnouts or Lunging twice weekly.

Show accommodations can be discussed on a case-by-case basis.  Costs will include hauling, horse usage fee (if you are using a school horse), and a rail fee.


Fitness/Training Preparation for Sales Promotion

Full - Fitness, Ads, Phones, Showing, Documentation

Half - Showing and Documentation